East Coast Salt ResinGard Water Softener Salt Pellets (40 lb)

East Coast Salt

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ResinGard Water Softener Salt Pellets contain a resin cleaning agent for resin bed water softeners. ResinGard Pellets are designed to remove various raw water contaminants that become entrapped in the softener mineral bed, thereby reducing its softening capacity. They also contain a surface active agent (surfactant) which effectively removes contaminants from the resin bed and allow them to be flushed away in the rinse cycle of the softener regeneration.

  • Helps eliminate brine tank cleanout necessitated by insoluble material
  • Recommended for all types of softeners
  • Contains a patented additive to help prevent mushing and bridging
  • Keeps your softener clean and trouble-free

Available in 40lb and 50lb bags. 

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