DIG Punches Hole Tubing Punch


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DIG’s drip irrigation hole punches are designed to easily punch a clean hole in any size of drip tubing for the insertion of drip emitters, micro sprinklers and 1/4″ barbed fittings. The punches are designed to remove the residual debris formed as the hole is created in the drip tubing, protecting the drip emitters and micro sprinklers from plastic debris that can, over time, plug the system. The small punch is inexpensive and the deluxe gun punch is heavy duty with an optional replacement of the stainless steel pin.


  • Used to puncture holes when installing drip emitters and micro sprinklers in polyethylene tubing
  • Designed to remove the residual debris formed as the hole is created in the drip tubing
  • Easy-grip handle constructed of durable plastic and non-corrosive materials
  • The deluxe-pro-punch stainless steel pins can be replaced
  • Constructed of UV-resistant, high-impact plastic
  • The basic punch is inexpensive and used only for punching single holes into drip tubing.
  • The deluxe professional punch can be used for punching a large number of holes into drip tubing


D44 Punch
Punch holes in 1/2" poly tubing when connecting 1/4" micro tubing or drippers to the main line.


  • Pin size for small punch: 1/4" with .170 OD (4 mm)
  • Pin size for professional punch: .110 OD (3 mm)
  • Material:
    • Handle and housing: high-impact plastic
    • Pin: stainless steel

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