DIG Irrigation Backflow Preventer


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DIG 3/4″ plastic backflow preventer is an attachment commonly placed into the faucet when used with drip irrigation to keep contaminated water from being siphoned backward into the household water supply lines. The backflow device is an economical way to eliminate the risk of water contamination from dirt or fertilizer back-flowing into the water supply through an outdoor faucet. A backflow preventer is highly recommended when installing a drip system.

Special Features:

  • Easy to install
  • Available with 3/4” female hose thread to fit all standard hose thread connections
  • Keeps contaminated water from entering the household water supply
  • Provides protection from back flow and back siphoning of water
  • Compact construction of non-corrosive plastic materials
  • Low pressure loss and high flow rate


    D45 Backflow Preventer Inlet 3/4 in. FHT x Outlet 3/4 in. MHT


    • Operating pressure: up to 100 PSI
    • Flow rate: up to 8 GPM
    • Size: 3/4” female hose thread x 3/4” male hose thread (3/4” FHT x 3/4” MHT)
    • Color: black
    • Temperature range: up to 130°F
    • Materials:
      • Body: high impact plastic

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