DIG 1/4″ Poly Micro Tubing


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DIG’s 1/4 in. (.170 ID x .250 OD) polyethylene micro tubing is used in the installation of a drip irrigation system. It can be used either to extend drip emitters and micro-sprinklers from the ½” or ¾” polyethylene drip tubing to the plant areas, as extensions from the 4, 6 and 12-outlet drip manifolds or as the basis of a small patio system using ¼” barbed fittings. DIG’s versatile 1/4″ polyethylene micro tubing is available in black only and in coil lengths of 50′, 100′, 500′ and 1000′. This commercial-grade poly micro tubing is made of high quality, linear low-density polyethylene resin. The micro tubing is manufactured with an antioxidant and contains a minimum of 2% concentrated carbon black to protect the finished product from thermal degradation.


  • Use to extend the drip emitters to plants
  • Available in 50′, 100’, 500′ and 1000′ coils
  • Contains a minimum of 2% concentrated Carbon Black resin antioxidant to protect the drip tubing from thermal degradation
  • The polyethylene micro tubing exhibits outstanding environmental stress-cracking resistance and burst strength
  • Use with DIG’s and others’ 1/4″ barbed fittings
  • Meets the demand of micro irrigation systems for above or below the ground layouts in agricultural, landscape and residential gardening installations
  • Interchangeable with other manufacturers’ brands of the same OD size tubing
  • Available in black color only.


    B38P 50 ft. of Low-Density Polyethylene Tubing (Poly Tubing)


    • Operating pressure: up to 60 PSI
    • Available lengths: 50', 100', 500’ and 1000' coils
    • Bending radius: 10"
    • Color: black
    • Size: 1/4" 170 ID x .250 OD (.50 wall thickness)
    • Material: low-density polyethylene with a minimum of 2% Carbon Black

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