Ferry-Morse Jiffy Seed Starting Greenhouse Kit with 50 Biodegradable Peat Strip Cells


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Peat strips are easy to tear apart when moistened so you can transplant each seedling individually. Sowing medium and seeds are not included.


  • one (1) watertight base tray
  • one (1) clear humidity dome
  • celled peat strips (50 total) for easy transplanting

How to Use:

  1. Prepare Strips: Fill peat pots in the base tray with your sowing medium (not included). We suggest using Premium Seed Starting Jiffy-Mix. Water thoroughly - enough to saturate walls of strips.
  2. Add Seeds: Seeds are not included. Sow your seeds according to the instructions on your seed packet. Place humidity dome.
  3. Germination: Once seeds have germinated, prop dome lid open. When seedlings grow true leaves remove lid completely and place in sunny location.

Added bonus: this greenhouse comes with a sample of plant vitamin SUPERthrive.

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